We conduct research in two main areas:

The National Association of Involuntary Childlessness is dedicated to women’s reproductive health research and learning more about wellness and hidden conditions that affect infertile and involuntary childless women. Our cutting edge research offers comprehensive national discussions that address current issues in infertility and female childlessness.

Reproductive Health Conditions and Infertility

Our focus is to improve the lives of women living with infertility. Our studies support research aimed at alleviating human infertility and uncovering new possible pathways to control fertility. In addition, our researchers are investigating the underlying causes and links of these often misunderstood conditions.

Effects of Female Childlessness

With data on involuntary childless women severely lacking, our researchers are investigating associations between coping, social support and psychological distress, the social and cultural consequences of being involuntary childless, qualitative studies of childless older women and healthcare needs.

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Help us eliminate disparities in women’s reproductive health research and improve the lives of women around the country.

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