National Association of Childlessness
National Association of Childlessness



We conduct research in two main areas:

The National Association of Involuntary Childlessness is dedicated to women’s reproductive health research and learning more about wellness and hidden conditions that affect infertile and involuntary childless women. We know too little about the causes of the rise of childlessness. We want to understand what’s behind these changes, and we wish to understand the psychological and health consequences of childlessness. Therefore, cutting edge research will be designed to offer comprehensive global discussions that address current issues in infertility and female childlessness.

Jobi Tyson has always been relentlessly fascinated in factual narration and feminism. As a researcher, her name has become synonymous with the leaps and bounds seen in research into human behavior, health and wellness, and multiculturalism. She has conducted extensive primary and secondary research for top research hospitals, organizations and corporations on unsettling realities concerning society, culture, women’s health and wellness needs, and multiculturalism.


National Infertility Study

Our focus is to improve the lives of women living with infertility. Our studies can support research aimed at alleviating human infertility and uncovering new possible pathways to control fertility; and provide advocacy for increased federal funding for medical research.

Involuntary Childless Women National Study

With data on involuntary childless women severely lacking, this will be high-quality research that can provide a representative sample of involuntary childless women and childless older women to investigate the meaning of childlessness, views of caregiving and  and healthcare needs.

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