National Association of Childlessness
National Association of Childlessness

Infertility is a taboo subject whose time to be expressed has come

Infertility is a taboo subject whose time to be expressed has come

Being infertile and involuntary childless is a painful reality for millions of women.

More than 10 million women in the United States are unable to naturally conceive and carry a child to term. 1 in 5 women will remain childless and for 90% of them, it was not by choice. 

Any woman living with any kind of reproductive health condition that prevents childbearing inherently faces an array of emotional and psychological challenges.

Have you ever felt worthless due to childlessness? Have you ever felt like childlessness is rarely discussed? Have you ever grieved about your invisible loss? Have you ever felt judged or misunderstood?

The National Association of Involuntary Childlessness (NAIC) is a support and research organization committed to bringing awareness and eliminating the stigma impacting the lives of involuntary childless women.

In a society that encourages and promotes motherhood, with its current social norms and culture, childlessness can be stigmatizing. Being thrust into infertility, not having a single friend to relate can make a childless woman feel so isolated, broken and alone. Our hope is to empower women to better cope with involuntary childlessness and for loved ones to have a better understanding. 

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